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Five of the Most Dangerous Cities in Florida for Drunk Driving Accidents

December 31, 2020 | Category: Auto, DUI

Besides being a common tourist destination, Florida is home to an expansive highway system, numerous major city roads, and breathtaking shorelines. As a state that is filled with many party spots and gathering venues, it is not uncommon for some Floridians or visiting drivers to get behind the wheel when they are buzzed or totally drunk. One Florida insurer compiled the relevant data and notes that some areas tend to be more prone to accidents than other Florida regions. If you’ve been injured in a drunk driving accident, you should speak with a Fort Myers DUI accident lawyer to discuss your legal rights and options. 

Victims of drunk driving accidents have a set of rights and are entitled to recover damages if they’ve been involved in a crash. Such damages will usually cover medical expenses, lost earnings if they’re out of work due to their injuries, and pain and suffering if the accident was severe enough to significantly impact their quality of life. In some cases, the families of victims of drunk driving accidents will be able to make a wrongful death claim and recover damages for their loss. Our Fort Myers DUI accident lawyer can advise on the best course of action for your particular situation.

While many cities in Florida have had declining DUI-related deaths, some cities remain more dangerous than others - namely, those in central and west Florida. Below, we take a look at which cities are the most dangerous for drunk driving in Florida. 


Sarasota is by far the most dangerous city in Florida for drunk driving, with an estimated 12 DUI deaths per 100,000 residents occurring each year and making it twice as dangerous as the second most dangerous city for drunk driving in Florida. In fact, the chances of dying in a drunk driving accident have increased by 73 percent in Sarasota over the past three years. This was likely due to an influx of new residents as the area has grown with new residential and commercial development.


Because Lakeland has a significantly larger population than Sarasota, its per capita DUI rate is considerably lower than Sarasota’s, but it's still inflated compared to the rest of the state. Unfortunately, the death rate after a DUI accident has increased by over 171 percent in the region.


Jacksonville comes in at a close third, with the highest number of drunk driving deaths in all of Florida. As the state’s most populous city, it’s not surprising that the area would have recorded so many drunk driving incidents. Yet, its per capita accident rate is lower than Sarasota and Lakeland as a result. If you’re in Jacksonville, avoid Route 1 when possible. It recorded the highest number of drunk driving accidents and deaths over the last few years.

St. Petersburg

Located in the Tampa metropolitan area, sunny St. Pete is the fourth most dangerous city in Florida for drunk drivers. The city records roughly 4.6 drunk driving deaths per 100,000 residents. 


A popular beach destination for spring breakers from all over the South, Pensacola ranks as the fifth most dangerous city in Florida for drunk driving. With a population similar to that of Sarasota, however, Pensacola has done a relatively good job keeping these tragic accidents at bay.

Contact a Fort Myers DUI Accident Lawyer After an Accident

With Sarasota topping the list as a likely place for drunk driving accidents, it is important to find an attorney you can trust. 

To discuss your rights and options under the law, speak with Fort Myers DUI Accident Lawyer Randall L. Spivey at Spivey Law Firm, Personal Injury Attorneys, P.A. as soon as possible. Contact us online for a free initial consultation.


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