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SPIVEY LAW FIRM- is truly a personal relationship between Randall Spivey and his client- Mr. Spivey, and his staff provides a positive impact of truth and knowledge of representation for you and your family. From the initial interview-through the end with great expectations and day by day insight of EVERY step- and manipulation tactics of the insurance companies. NOT settling for less than, what you deserve. When, involved in MVA-emotions, go up and down, your lifestyle is forever changing, with daily frustrations of limitations. The positive feed-back, communication received from SPIVEY LAW FIRM on questions of why and how can the the insurance company get away with breach of contracts.. etc., was ALWAYS followed up with reassurances that there wouldn't be anything overlooked! SPIVEY LAW FIRM was 2nd to GOD helping me get through this journey. HIGHLY recommend SPIVEY LAW FIRM. thank you Mr. Spivey for being YOU!

- Cathy L.

They treat you with respect and compassion during a time in your life that is the most difficult experience you have ever been through.

- Ruthann G.

We are forever grateful to Mr Spivey, Andrew, and Wendy for all of the work they did in our case. We did not have to worry about addressing the other party as they did everything. They became like family through hard times. Our case was not easy and Mr Spivey didn’t give up and would personally speak to us. We can’t thank them enough and have the utmost respect for them.

- Betel S.

Found Spivey Law Firm through "word of mouth". So glad I did! Was almost about to call a BIG, advertised law firm. Glad I didn't. They TRUELY care here! You're not "just a number" like the "big wigs". They fight for you. They don't take the "easy way out" just to settle quickly & "move on to the next number". They'll fight to the end if need be! No easy/lazy way out here! Once again, they TRUELY care! Even after & everything is 'said & done', they call & check in on you. Soooo glad I took "the word of mouth" here over the "big wigs company"

- Jill S.

You never think you’ll need a Personal Injury Attorney until you do! After getting rear ended at high speed by a distracted driver who had minimal coverage, I was in pain.

It was a very stressful time, not only dealing with my car being totaled, but not knowing where to turn to get some help with the debilitating constant pain.

After researching and consulting with friends and family, my husband and I met with Mr. Spivey. We knew we were not interested in the mass marketers, with their distasteful billboards and constant radio ads, we wanted personal, compassionate, and professional counsel.

When we met with Mr. Spivey we were warmly greeted by his receptionist, then he came right out and greeted us, he was a class act, kind, and empathetic; he gave us professional advise on dealing with the insurance company (regarding our car). He then connected me with different medical professionals to help me deal with the pain and injuries from the accident. He asked a lot of questions and we just knew we had made the right decision.

Mr Spivey rejected the insurance company’s initial offers, and he fought for a much higher settlement that we were very happy with!

Mr. Spivey personally supervised our case, and was involved, hands on, every step of the way, including guiding us in final settlement negotiations.

We have since recommended Spivey Law to friends and family, all of whom were thankful we did. You will not be in better hands than with Spivey Law, Mr. Spivey is a Board Certified Personal Injury lawyer, this is NOT a common designation; it’s another reassurance that you will receive the best counsel and advise.

In a world of hazards it is great knowing that if something were to ever happen again, we know exactly who to turn to!

- Jamie G.

Spivey Law Firm has helped my family with several cases and has always taken great care and looks over everything with great care. With this law firm in your corner, you always know you are in good hands and they will do everything in their power. Highly recommend!

- Chloe M.

I wouldn't trust anyone else with my case. In 29 years of being a court reporter I've seen a lot of attorneys. Mr. Spivey, Mr. Able, and their team of professionals are the best in the business. These guys know the law and how to use it to protect you. They have integrity, compassion, and work ethic. They really cared about my case. I was not just a number. They stood up for me and fought for my case. Highly recommended.

- Tracie T.

Couldn't of asked for better representation. The entire staff runs like a well oiled machine from the front desk, to their knowledgeable & very friendly paralegals & both Mr. Abel & Mr. Spivey. You will be in control the entire time, no deals get done without your express approval first, you are always in the know. Thanks for a very fast settlement!

- Rachel W.

Mr. Spivey and his wonderful team, Mr Abel, Mary and Wendy. I am oh so grateful for you all! You all treated me like you family and for that I am forever grateful. Was a hard decision to start prepping for trial concidering what ive already been through the past 3 years. You all made it easy and you were all there for me during the process. AMAZING! Best legal team in SWFL. Definietly exceeded my expectations!!! Forever thankful and Grateful.

- Nicole

Everyone is amazing! The staff is attentive and helpful. Mary is phenomenal!! Mr. Spivey was honest and kept his word at every turn! Could not have been more pleased with the great help Spivey Law Firm provided. Honest, Kind,and Professional.

- Conny

This Spivey Team/Firm went above and beyond to assist negotiate and Resolve My Case… Rate them 11 on a 1/10 and would hire them again for their Prompt Efficient Professionalism. Thank you

- Linda

Mr. Spivey was recommended to us by a friend after getting injured in a car accident. I was very unsure of how the case would go since I had previous medical issues and they reassured me that it wouldn't be a problem. Mr. Spivey and his amazing team (Andrew, Wendy, Melissa, Lucy, and Austen), answered any questions we had and are true professionals. Mr. Spivey far exceeded our expectations with our settlement and hit it out of the ballpark! We are extremely grateful for all of their hard work and highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a personal injury attorney

- Michelle J

From our very first contact through final resolution, the team at Spivey Law was professional, courteous and thorough. During a rather lengthy and often times tedious process they were there to guide and advise. Mr. Spivey, Andrew, Wendy and the entire team met and exceeded our expectations at every turn. If you are in need of a Personal Injury Attorney and are looking for someone who will fight for your best interests, you should contact The Spivey Law Firm.

- Michael H.

I was unfortunately injured in a car accident that was not my fault. The insurance companies were very uncaring and treated me like I had somehow done something wrong. My health insurance would cover nothing related to the accident. I contacted Mr Spivey and he and Mary took over. I received the medical care I needed and Mr Spivey handled the insurance companies. In my 60 years I have never had need to contact a personal injury lawyer and never thought I would. I was totally turned off by the high pressure ads on TV by a different company However, Mr Spivey and Mary proved that not all personal injury attorneys are the same and if you want compassionate and professional assistance, choose a professional attorney. The settlement was extremely generous and the process was handled professionally and seamlessly. Thank you!

- Lynn O.

Professional polite and they get the job done. If you have or had a motorcycle make sure that you have their phone number!

- Mike S.

Thank you so much to Mr. Spivey and the entire law firm. Also special thanks to Mary. Handle my case in a very professional manner. Would highly recommend to others.

- Jeremy

It is a privilege to write this review. There is no comparison when selecting a personal injury law firm. Spivey Law Firm, Personal Injury Attorneys, P.A. combines empathy, professionalism, and knowledge. I have known this firm for years and have always found the Spivey team to be responsive when needed. Spivey Law Firm is recognized among it peers as truly a "5 - star" law firm, and I for one agree wholeheartedly with them.

- Ronald F.

Highly recommended
Words can’t express how thankful I am that I found Spivey Law firm! After my accident I was lost scared I dint trust anybody. Spivey Law asked me to trust them they were with me every step of the way. Communication was there constant and it made it so much better for me. Definitely 5 stars in my book.

- Delma

Randal Spivey is highly qualified and caring
Mr. Spivey has been right by my side throughout every phrase of my case, compassionate and so knowledgeable. I could not have chosen a better attorney.

- Patricia

I made the right decision choosing Spivey Law
I shopped for lawyers and got frustrated with what I was encountering. So I went to the internet and chose Spivey Law because of the outstanding customer and peer ratings. I made the right choice my case was difficult and lasted a long time but Mary (Randall Spivey's assistant ) was there with me the whole time she helped me thru an incredibly rough journey. Randy is a GREAT lawyer compassionate yet very professional. Randy, Mary and the WHOLE firm went above and beyond I cannot say how grateful and appreciative of all that they have done to help me !!

- Carol

Outstanding Law Firm!!!
The Spivey Law Firm is the best of the best. Mr. Spivey is an outstanding attorney! We were lucky to have him represent us. He is honest, knowledgeable and an outstanding negotiator. His staff is amazing! It was comforting to know that Mr. Spivey, himself, was handling our case from the beginning to the end. We could not have asked for a better experience.

- Richard

Peer Review
I have practiced law for over 38 years but have not done personal injury work in 20 years. When a personal injury case comes into my office I refer the client to Randy Spivey. I have watched how he prepares a case and monitored the great results he achieves. Cases are won by preparation and no one prepares any better than Randy Spivey.

- Gary

The Best!
Randall is the most articulate, personable, well prepared personal injury attorney I have ever known. I'm an attorney myself, and when I got rear-ended I called Randy. Before he got on board, the insurance company did not take my injuries seriously. After Randy called them, everything changed for the good and he got me an excellent and fair settlement. He's respected by judges, defense attorneys and claims adjusters alike. In and out of Court, you won't find anyone better.

- Steven M.

The Best!
Randy is a top notch first class professional. He is trustworthy, ethical, compassionate and has tremendous legal ability. In my opinion he is in a class of his own. He represented my wife and I in a personal injury case and we are so grateful for the help his firm provided to us. I highly recommend him to everyone.

- Paul

I will never regret the day I made that phone call to the Spivey Law Firm to handle my case. They took and handled my case like I was a member of their own family. They exceeded my expectations. Their professionalism works like magic. One advice I have for you, be patient and trust them. I can't give you details, but I can ensure you that you will not regret hiring them. I highly recommend that law firm! Thank you guys!

- BD

Andrew and Mr. Spivey were very helpful to me, gave excellent legal advice and I would recommend them to anyone seeking assistance and knowledge.

- Christopher V.

Attorneys that are very Genuine and Honest and will Fight for You until the end.

- Patricia S.

Spivey Law Firm exceeded my expectations in my settlement. I felt very comfortable throughout the whole process. I am very thankful for everything Mr. Spivey and his staff have done for me.

Endorsements: Compassionate, Determined, Good at explaining, Knowledgeable, Organized, Professional, Reliable, Responsive, Trustworthy, Won my case!

- Martindale Reviewer

The Spivey Law Firm provided excellent service and exceeded my expectations on my settlement.

-Amy W.

Spivey law firm did an outstanding job and the staff is very professional, very easy to talk to. You are part of the family and he is on your side. Professional, polite and they get the job done. If you have or had a motorcycle make sure that you have their phone number!

- Mike S.

I have no words that can explain how wonderful of an experience I had with Spivey Law!! It was such a stressful time for me and I was lost. This group asked me to trust them “which I have a hard time trusting anybody” but they literally where beside me every step of the way. I felt protected like family.

- Delma M.

Words can’t express how thankful I am that I found Spivey Law firm! After my accident I was lost scared I dint trust anybody. Spivey Law asked me to trust them they were with me every step of the way. Communication was there constant and it made it so much better for me. Definitely 5 stars in my book.

- Martindale Reviewer

This company which was recommended to me by an estate attorney turned into a lot of people that felt like family. They were always kind and explained everything along the way. They kept me in the loop as to what they were doing and why they were doing it. For me who had never worked with an attorney before it was heaven. Had regularly scheduled meetings in the beginning and after covid hit had regular phone meetings with Mr. Spivey. I spoke with one of his associates so often she feels like a daughter and that’s a very special relationship. If you want to have someone who really cares about you and the case that you need help with these are your people. Recommend to everyone. They went above anything I could have ever hoped for.

- Karen M.

Mr. Spivey and his legal team were completely amazing. When you are living through something where you need this type of attorney, Randall Spivey's law firm is who you need. I highly recommend them. Mr. Spivey and Mary worked extremely hard for us. I feel like they are family now.

- Diana G.

I had an excellent experience with this law firm! They took very good care of me during my case, very responsive to my questions/concerns, guiding me through the process, and always so friendly!! Look nowhere else, Spivey Law Firm is the best!!!

- Rene B.

Randall Spivey and his team were amazing. They checked in on us during and after my son was in the hospital,I don't know how to express my gratitude for all they do for me and my son. I wanna really thank Allison and Mary for all their hard work and time they put in, Allison made me feel comfortable at all times, again thanks so much Mr.Spivey and your law firm (TEAM). I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a great firm.

- Stacy H.

If you are searching for competent, results-oriented, legal representation; LOOK NO FURTHER. Randy Spivey, Austin, Mary, the entire group; represents integrity and sincerity. I have read this entire column of reviews, and my (our) experience(s) with Randy, (and the team) allows me to believe each and every good thing written.

This Law firm went above and beyond. All of the amazing staff that contributed to my case were professionals at the very highest levels. This firm got us the biggest payout they could, and never once tried to hurry the process for their own benefit. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

- Leslie H.

Mr. Spivey is hands down the most capable and competent lawyer I have ever met. He took my case and treated it like it was the most important case he has ever worked on. No matter the amount expected. He held out for the highest payout and used his amazing skills to acquire my family the most compensation. Truly an amazing lawyer. Thank you, and your firm!

- Leslie H.

Excellent, Experienced, caring, and very professional. I am so glad I hired Mr. Spivey as my Attorney to represent me for my Auto injury. His firm was there for me from start to finish. He assisted me in finding professional doctors and returned my calls promptly. When he found out my 6yr old had Surgery, Mr. Spivey called me into his office. He and his staff surprised me with 3 bags of toys, they had purchased for my son. This Attorney and his staff are very loving and caring, not only to his clients but to their families as well. I was 100% satisfied with the way Mr. Spivey handled my case and can't thank him enough. I would definitely recommend Mr. Spivey to anyone in need of professional help. I also was extremely satisfied with the award I received and feel, if I would have hired the wrong Attorney, the outcome may have been much different.

- Heriberto G.

The best injury attorney in Lee and Collier County.

- David M.

Very professional staff and they get you what they promise.

- Justin B.

From the initial meeting to the final case resolution, Mr. Spivey always gave me the feeling he truly wanted to help improve my situation and would aggressively pursue a successful resolution, which he did. Special thanks to his staff assistant, Mary, who also diligently worked to resolve medical claims. I highly recommend the Spivey Law Firm.

- George P.

The Spivey Law Firm is the best of the best. Mr. Spivey is an outstanding attorney! We were lucky to have him represent us. He is honest, knowledgeable and an outstanding negotiator. His staff is amazing! It was comforting to know that Mr. Spivey, himself, was handling our case from the beginning to the end. We could not have asked for a better experience

- Susan K.

If you need a law firm that stands for you and will fight for your justice from an auto accident or personal injury, you can not do better than Spivey Law Firm. Randall and his team supported me through a terrible accident and even worse treatment from the offender's insurance company. He stood his ground and got me everything I deserved, he and did it without having to add the expense of court. Spivey Law Firm is a champion for their clients and never waiver which is what insurance companies hate about them. I recommend them because I trust them and I KNOW they are successful at getting the most for their clients because they did me! They were always there for me through the entire process whether it was to let me vent, cry, or to guide me through a grueling system that seems unfair at times. Spivey Law Firm levels the playing field for those who need a defender. Thank you all!

- Jenn S.

Randy Spivey is the best Lawyer, honest and hard-working, I would highly recommend Randy Spivey And his team. They are dedicated to helping you.

- Mary A.

Spivey Law Firm was amazing to work with for my Personal Injury case. I felt that they always had my best interest and were professional the whole time. The staff was very attentive at getting back to me with the many questions I had. I will recommend Spivey Law Firm to anyone.

- Angela G.

My wife and I had the absolute pleasure of being represented by Randall Spivey for a case my wife was injured in. Mr. Spivey's entire operation top-down is first class in every way! The quality of representation and eventual outcome in our case far exceeded our expectations.

- Luke V.

Randall and his firm have helped my family and friends over the years when things come up. They always come through, he and his team are extremely good at communication, and addressing, each specific need the client may have. I would never consider using any other firm for personal injury, they are a very talented legal team.

- Philip G.

Simply the best, most professional, experienced, and compassionate law firm. The long list of excellent results for clients over the past decades speaks for itself! I highly, highly recommend using Spivey Law Firm!

- Paul R.

Randall Spivey is an excellent personal injury attorney with whom I have no reservations recommending his services. I have found Randy to be extremely knowledgeable and professional. His staff is very approachable and responsive. He truly believes in having a client-oriented practice.

- Rodney G.

I have known Randy Spivey and Spivey Law Firm, Personal Injury Attorneys, for many years. When selecting a personal injury attorney, there is no comparison. Randy and his associates are the most compassionate, experienced, knowledgeable, diligent, and honorable team I have known. You cannot go wrong in selecting Spivey Law Firm.

- Susan C.

Randy is a brilliant, hard-working, and caring attorney, who is meticulous with the details of a case. Randy’s staff shares his driving commitment to his clients. You and your case are in excellent hands with Randy and his staff.

- Kevin K.

Mr. Spivey is a great attorney and most importantly an honorable man you can trust. No one will work harder and be more caring while handling your case.

- Andrew D.

Mr. Spivey has an excellent knowledge of personal injury cases. He is a superb attorney always willing to go the extra mile for his clients, and he is always available to speak to his clients. Mr. Spivey is the only attorney I would ever consider to handle my personal injury case.

- Starr J.

Excellent client service!

- Kathy W.

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