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Seek Assistance From Your Port Charlotte DUI Accident Attorney

Recovering from an accident after you or a loved one has suffered serious injuries is never easy, and a fatal accident is almost unthinkable. When an accident is caused by a drunk driver, however, it can be hard to make sense of the situation. Conflicting emotions of grief, sadness, and anger may cloud your life for quite some time. While financial compensation will not ease your sorrow or your physical and mental recovery, it can help on a practical level to defray overwhelming medical expenses and necessary costs of treatment. Financial assistance may make your life easier if you or a family member is unable to work, or if your family has suffered a sudden loss of income due to a fatality. In this respect, civil liability that results in financial compensation paid by the party responsible for the DUI accident at issue can be helpful to your recovery and to the recovery of your family.

Holding a drunk driver accountable for his or her actions from a financial perspective also allows a victim the ability to achieve justice to some degree. Far too many times, we see victims who are further victimized by a criminal justice system that hands out fairly minimal or inconsequential penalties to DUI offenders. By holding a drunk driver financially responsible through the civil court system for the losses and injuries that you have sustained in a drunk driving accident, you can obtain at least some measure of justice, and force the drunk driver to be accountable for the injuries that he or she inflicted upon you and your family.

How Your Port Charlotte DUI Accident Lawyers Can Help

When a drunk driving accident occurs and injuries or fatalities result, you may not know where to turn first. Fortunately, we at the Spivey Law Firm, Personal Injury Attorneys, P.A., are here to provide you the help that you need. You undoubtedly will have many questions at the outset of your case, which will continue to arise as your case progresses. A large part of our individualized attention and service involves being available to answer your questions, calm your fears, and explain the civil claim process to you as it unfolds.


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