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Cape Coral DUI Accident Lawyers Work for You

While DUI accidents are horrible, the aftermath sometimes can be worse, as victims struggle to heal from their injuries, and loved ones try desperately to make sense of an unexpected situation that may have left family members seriously injured, permanently disabled, or even killed. In light of this situation, it is helpful to have a skilled and knowledgeable legal advocate on your side to answer your questions, allay your concerns, and help you obtain compensation and justice from the drunk driver responsible for your family’s losses.

The reality is that even though Florida, like many states, has enacted laws designed to crack down on drunk drivers, victims do not always agree with the nature and the duration of the punishment that a drunk driver receives in criminal DUI proceedings. For some first offenses in some locations, a DUI offender may not even receive any jail time. In some cases, it may seem as if the victim is suffering more than the drunk driver ever will.

Cape Coral DUI Injury Attorneys Obtaining Justice for You

Fortunately, this is where your Cape Coral DUI accident lawyers come in to help you achieve the justice that you need and deserve. We believe that every drunk driver should be brought to justice, one way or another. The Florida civil justice system provides laws specifically designed to recoup losses for the victim of drunk drivers, and other provisions are available to punish drunk drivers in appropriate cases. By seeking compensatory and punitive damages from drunk drivers who cause you and your family members harm, you can move toward your goal of seeking justice for yourself and for your family.

The Spivey Law Firm, Personal Injury Attorneys, P.A., has devoted its entire practice to representing accident victims of all types, including those victims of DUI accidents. By focusing solely on this area of the law, we have gained the skills and knowledge necessary to place our clients in the best position possible to recovery the maximum amounts of compensation available in their cases and allowable by law. Contact our office today for a free consultation, and explore the options that may be available to you in your DUI personal injury or wrongful death case.


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