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How Distracted Driving and Drunk Driving Are Similar

September 28, 2020 | Category: Auto, DUI

While most Floridians can understand the dangers of drunk driving, and take steps toward avoiding these horrific crashes, some brush off the dangers of distracted driving and find themselves at the center of these all-too-often serious accidents. Drunk driving and distracted driving share some similarities and prove just as deadly in a lot of cases. That said, our Fort Myers drunk driving accident lawyers find themselves navigating both drunk and distracted driving injury cases with increasing regularity.

Since new technology in cell phones, such as game apps and streaming services, have made the near-obsession with cell phone usage so mainstream, many fail to measure the danger of using a phone while driving. Driving and texting can, in some cases, be even more dangerous than driving while drunk because some people consider it harmless to send a text or make a phone call while they’re behind the wheel. Accordingly, researchers are increasingly looking into whether drunk and distracted driving are similarly dangerous behaviors for today’s modern driver.

Drunk Driving and Distracted Driving Are Similarly Lethal

With popular culture using the phrase “intexticated” driving as a pun on the dangers of texting while driving, the reality is that distracted driving has become a serious threat to drivers (particularly teen drivers) today. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), driving while texting can be up to six times more dangerous than driving under the influence. Another study conducted by the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) found that texting while behind the wheel can slow down drivers’ response time by up to 35 percent while drinking alcohol up to the legal limit would only impact a drivers’ speed by about 12 percent. 

Moreover, texting while driving doesn’t have the profoundly negative connotation that drunk driving has managed to achieve through years of successful ad campaigns and educational programs meant to deter individuals from driving under the influence. It’s also easier to plan to avoid a drunk driving accident - for example, by calling an Uber or Lyft, or by designating a sober driver - but deciding to send a text while driving is often a split-second decision. 

Another study conducted by AAA revealed that while 96 percent of drivers consider texting while driving to be very dangerous, up to 43 percent admit they’ve done it all too often. While drunk drivers, also, are often far more likely to get behind the wheel drunk more than once, the stigma simply isn’t as negative.

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