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Spring Break Binge Drinking - The Importance of Influence

February 25, 2019 | Category: DUI

Spring Break spans late February to mid-April, with March being the peak period. Trip Savvy says the busiest times in Florida will be early March and the weeks surrounding Easter.

Spring Break Binge Drinking - The Importance of Influence - Spivey LawSpring Break is a time for young people to relax together and enjoy good times. These are times that should create positive memories that will last forever. However, researchers say that during Spring Break, an average of 44 percent of college girls and 75 percent of college boys become inebriated on a daily basis and participate in binge drinking. Even non-drinking college students have been known to participate in binge drinking during Spring Break, according to College Binge Drinking (CBD), an educational website developed to build awareness among college students, educators, and parents about the dangers of binge drinking.

CBD says binge drinking comes with the risks of alcohol poisoning, drowning, falling, vehicular accidents and rape. Hospital emergency rooms confirm that admittances increase during Spring Break.  

Many believe that Spring Break runs on group mentality, although studies have shown that one-on-one conversation can still make a difference. Parents who discuss the dangers of drinking and crowd behavior do have an influence. Also, trouble can be averted when a friend, who is on the scene, steps in to caution a college student about excessive drinking. CBD says, “Personal relationships often trump all.”

The British Journal of Health Psychology conducted a study on the subject titled “The effects of social and health consequence framing on heavy drinking intentions among college students.” One hundred and twenty-four college students participated in the study. The conclusion was that interventions that focus on the negative health effects of heavy drinking may be improved by not emphasizing the negative social consequences of drinking heavily but emphasizing the positive health consequences of avoiding this behavior.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) warns that someone is killed every 31 minutes in a drunk-driving accident during normal times. However, those numbers often increase by as much as 23 percent during Spring Break.

“No one should drive after consuming alcohol and/or drugs. Drinking and partying can lead to unwanted life-changing consequences,” said Fort Myers DUI Accident Attorney Randall Spivey of Spivey Law Firm, Personal Injury Attorneys, P.A.

“If you are injured in an accident in Florida because of the negligence of another person, first seek medical attention, then contact us. Whether you are a Florida resident or an out-of-state Spring Breaker, we have the experienced legal team ready to assist and answer your questions. There are no costs or attorney fees unless we make a monetary recovery for you,” said Attorney Spivey.



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